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Home Automation

Connected Smart Home has been designed to make life simpler. We tailor the Home Automation to your needs and we fully customize it and configure it to match your expectations for an easy and a full control of your living place or work environment with affordable prices using multi technologies and brands. We meet your requests in an easy way by making sure that your place is more comfortable and more secure.

Looking into residential we take advantage of the recent cut-edge technology to offer the best home control from a simple interface to suit any home environment and to provide a pleasant house control experience by eliminating your multiple remotes confusion to get replaced by only one touch control over audio/video; control over electronics, whole house audio, lighting, security, HVAC, motorized shutters, heating, satellite, gate or garage doors and that whenever you want whether from inside or outside the house.

Going into commercial, in fast business environment using a simple interface employees can master with or without training the use of technology resources. Controlling the audio/video systems, lighting, shutters and more in conference room; dimming the lights, lowering a screen and powering up the projector in a training room; guests and visitors of an hotel for instance have an easy access to music and movies.

After all automation is to control and communicate with any environment and device with an easy and economical way.

Security Systems

Whether it is a house, office, restaurant, hotel or any business place your security is the most important.

We cover all your needs with multi technologies and brands from CCTV systems (analogue, IP, hybrid system) to wired and wireless alarm and intrusion systems and intercom systems.

Networking Solutions

We offer a complete networking solutions such as cabinets, patch panels, data centers, cable management, labeling, testing, managed switches, routers, access points, firewalls and WIFI.

Audio Visual Integration

Our professional team is the solution of all your audio visual needs. An audio visual system infrastructures are to be combined with networking resources, power systems and also furniture so that you obtain a truly usable audio visual system. We design and integrate an audio visual solution based on your needs with the latest brands and technologies from AV & stereo receivers, speakers (HiFi, ceiling, waterproof and hidden technologies), subwoofers, network audio amplifiers, audio & video distributors, matrix, media players, CD players…

This will enable us to provide you with endless audio visual integration solutions to meet your inspirations.


We procure you with the latest panels technologies; customized mirror TVs from glass dimensions and color to the panel size. The latest digital signage displays for all your type of business bringing to you integration ready display solution that seamlessly combines hardware and software. The latest LED and OLED panels are also available for your residential use.

Satellite Systems

We customize all satellite system installation based on your need to entertain you and your family with the highest definition quality from local and international channels service provider to ensure you the best viewing experience and surely not to forget the guaranteed and immediate after sale service with just a phone call away.

Installation and Consulting Services

Our team with its professional expertise will support you designing your system based on the market standards using the cutting-edge technology. We will be your project planning assistant by providing advice for the best use of the products in a go green manner and an up to date safety regulations. A detailed study of the location followed by maintenance contracts will lead to a neat installation and untroubled operations. We provide you with our installation services and support upon your convenience.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer our clientele a customized maintenance program to reduce the risk of incidents and failures of any installed product or system and to keep it always in his best performance. A scheduled customized maintenance visits will allow checking all products and systems functionalities. On top of that an over the phone support is also available for fast solving problems and efficient operations.

DJ Equipment

Beginners and professionals DJs we provide you with the latest trends of DJ controllers, mixers, professional CD players, power amplifiers, speakers, microphones and surely DJ headphones and accessories.

A DJ school is also available within a flexible time frame.

Smart Accessories

We supply you with the latest Smart gadgets that suit all occasions and personal needs as well as a wide range of professional accessories of all types of cables, converters, plugs and connectors that enhance the quality if your connected equipment.